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Lewistotle is an old high school nickname.

Back in the good old days of the mid 80's, I took an independent studies philosophy class with a couple of other guys. I won't give their real names here (only since I have no idea where they are these days and therefore cannot get their permission) but their nicknames were Pleto and Jeffoclese.

We used to spend most of the class making up wierd and non-sensical quotes sometimes based on a theme but most of the time not. It was during one of these sessions that the world witnessed the creation of my now famous (infamous) quote: "Life is like a walnut."

I started using lewistotle as an email alias almost 10 years ago. After many years of not seeing any one else using it, I registered it as my own domain.

John "USPA87419" Lewis

This one is a little more "down to earth," so to speak.

87419 is my United States Parachute Association membership number. The USPA is the governing body of skydiving in the United States. Check out my skydiving page for more info about my involvment in the sport.
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